Valiance is a privately owned esports organisation that provides both online and offline esports tournament organisation, team management as well as entertaining content for the local and international brands that share our love and passion for gaming. We deliver fun and engaging content on an international level working with world-renowned brands like Huawei, Critical Force, Amazon, and Tele2.

Like many successful companies, we started off small. Founded in December 2016, our main focus was solely on mobile esports. We believed mobile competitive gaming only started its journey towards becoming a giant part of the esports world and wanted to make sure to get on that train of potential so that we can be there once it truly blows up the esports scene. Soon enough we started pushing mobile esports ourselves by organizing tournaments and pushing the biggest mobile game titles into the esports world so that we could help it grow and just like that, we grew with it.

We quickly realized our key to success lies within content creation as well as story building. With a small team of highly talented and driven esports enthusiasts, we assembled a production team that excels in just that along with providing various services to global brands. Together they make NEXTLEVEL, a media arm in charge of envisioning and delivering engaging content to our clients. NEXTLEVEL is the whole package – everything from putting the ideas on the paper to bringing them into life through our studio in Zagreb and Berlin while creating motion graphics, animation, and sound production.

Our main focus is our fans which come in many forms – they are players, brands, teams, enthusiasts – people that share the same passion and drive for gaming and people that we want to captivate by offering a full esports experience. By being an organization that manages an esports club, creates content and organizes competitions we thrive to offer new experiences to the players, fresh and original content to the viewers and deliver top quality material to the brands.

Valiance is a company based in Berlin, Germany with a production studio in Zagreb, Croatia. We currently operate with 17 employees divided across a number of different lines of work. Our esports club division currently counts 10 professional players and 2 coaches competing among the tier 1 teams for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Clash Royale. Our platform counts over 50 thousand players and we’ve so far produced over 200 thousand hours of fun and engaging content.

We believe we know how to deliver to our fans because we are fans ourselves. Our passion for esports goes far beyond our projects and we wish no less than to make a true impact on the ever-growing world of gaming.