Valiance is a privately owned esports organisation that provides both online and offline tournament organisation, team management as well as entertaining content for the local and international audience that shares our love and passion for gaming.
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Pro competitions with proprietary IP

Managing esports leagues and events for players and teams.

Competitive amateur gaming

Leagues and tournaments for amateurs and fans.

Content production and content sales

Content production and content sales of owned and organised events and leagues.

Esports marketing

Facilitation of esports marketing efforts of endemic and non-endemic brands.

Brand solutions

League management and event organisation on behalf of game publishers and brands.



“Valiance changed the mobile esports completely, motivated the community and big organizations are looking into this game because of them. Valiance took it to a whole new level”

Carnage, Gankstars

“Valiance had a huge impact on the esports scene. They made me put more time into the game to perform better and faster. It motivated me to take the game I love to the next level.”

Angel, Vision Gaming

“Valiance listens to the community and also helping us to become better players and persons. They made me more self-aware and gave me the motivation to become even better”

QuaredY, Team Elevate

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